Concerned about the spread of germs?

Want to avoid an outbreak?

Absenteeism due to illness on the rise?

Flu germs can live for hours on surfaces like doorknobs! The best defense in controlling cross-contamination is cleaning and disinfecting. Your next best defense in stopping the spread of germs is the Hands Free 4 Health Door Opener

It?s a new and innovative way to safeguard against the transfer of germs from person to person.

Who can benefit from the Hands Free 4 Health Door Opener? Educational Facilities, Health Care Facilities, Eating Establishments... Everyone!

9 benefits of Hands Free 4 Health Door Opener:

  1. 1. Easy to use

  2. 2. Inexpensive to buy

  3. 3. Simple to install (template provided)

  4. 4. Guaranteed for life

  5. 5. No recurring cost

  6. 6. Smooth open surface is easily cleaned

  7. 7. Great investment in your school?s health and well-being

  8. 8. Can help save you money in costly sick days

  9. 9. Helps reduce transfer of germs